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Fables and Fairy Tales

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  • New Method Supplementary Reader Stage 1

    Autor: Michael West
    Editora: Longmans
    Ano: 1966
    Idioma: inglês
    75 p.
    Medidas: 18,5 cm x 12,5 cm

    - The Old Cat
    - The Man and The Apples
    - The Friends and The Bear
    - The Cat and The Bell
    Stories of Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox
    - Mr. Sparrow and Mr. Fox
    - Mr. Rabbit Kills a Wolf
    - Mr. Fox is Dead
    - Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Wolf
    - Mr. Duck and Mr. Rabbit
    Fairy Tales
    - The Little Children in the Forest
    - Rum-pel-stilt-skin
    - The Hen Girl
    - The Three Beasts
    - The Golden Duck
    - John's Wife and the Fairies
    - The Princesso of the Sea

    Com perguntas ao final do livro.
    Bom estado, com pequenos desgastes na capa e amarelado.
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